The Future of Burlap & Cashmere: Donations and Financial Goals

We were delighted to get the news in the beginning of September that we have been granted non-profit status. This was a big first goal, and now we are aimed and ready for the next hurdles. Burlap & Cashmere will start to focus on our financial goasl, and would like to thank those who have already given generously.

This past Summer we reached out to a local organization called Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS). They help relocated refugee families adjust to their new lives here in the states. They help them find apartments, furniture, work and assist with other daily actives that are difficult for newly arrived people. They were very excited to hear about the employment opportunities that Burlap & Cashmere will offer to the women in their program.  LIRS have already found two qualified women who are anxious to start working with us.

We also need to purchase sewing machines for these ladies to use and keep. After much research it was decided that the Singer 4111 Heavy Duty Sewing machine would be the best option.  It can sew up to 1,100 stitches per minute and its metal frame ensures that the machine will remain still for skip free sewing. This machine will not only let our women sew the products with quality stitching and speed but will also last for years, allowing them to sew clothes for their own families and to sew other items for their own online store. 

Burlap & Cashmere will also supply them with professional fabric scissors, a cutting mat, an iron and ironing board, measuring tape and pins. They will have everything they need to start with no out of pocket cost to these women. 

Burlap & Cashmere is planning on using a fabric called Batik. It is made in Indonesia using a technique of dying the fabric and stamping with wax and dying again. When the wax is removed a beautiful pattern is revealed. For a more detail description of Batik please visit We are in the process of negotiating prices and quantities with several companies and should know shortly what patterns and colors we will use for our products.  

We still need to raise about $7500 by January 1st, 2018. If you would like to help us achieve these goals please donate below.